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The average person sees 30 ads before the time they have their first coffee. We help make sure those interactions are as memorable as possible. We build brands that are easy to remember and hard to forget.

A person is exposed to around 150,000 ads every 10 days.

A person is exposed
to around 150,000
ads every 10 days.

With that many ads, it's so very easy to be forgotten.

And making your brand memorable is our job

The studio is driven by its founders, Duval Weerakoon and Dhyresh Mendis' strong background in a scientific approach to problem solving, harnessing the power of aesthetic and logic to create impact, excitement and most of all, authentic connections between brands and their customers.

Starting out in 2012 building an animation studio, multitudes of clients gave us feedback about the real problems that they face during their day to day with acquiring and retaining good talent and clients. This gave us the idea to research into the field of marketing which is full of voodoo magic and experts who don't completely comprehend the vast subject of what motivates buying behaviour.

Armed with this knowledge and a seasoned team, we tackle the daunting task of playing with design and psychology to give you a framework to build an easy to remember memory structure.

And we've done it for these amazing brands.

A person is exposed
to around 150,000
ads every 10 days.

From Online Retail to BPO operations, we've done a wide gamut.

If you are looking to redesign

Branding is all about making it easy to be memorable. We use proven methods to take the brand you've nurtured all the way to the top. Check out this e-book on what is the most important things you need to be working towards when redesigning
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Case Studies

What we've done is more important than what we say
There's more!

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Building the foundation for memory structures will go a long way for your organization, the figures here can help understand scope and investment.

Brand Identity Design

For heavy advertisers in saturated, matured markets, visual cohesiveness isn’t enough.

  • Everything in Visual Identity
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Mission
  • Core Personality
  • Brand Archetype
  • Brand Values
  • Emotional Map
  • Tagline


Visual Identity Design

When your market is competitive, your brand needs to have more than just one tool for identification.

  • Everything in Trademark
  • Brand Typography
  • Brand Pattern if applicable
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Photography Style if applicable
  • Letterhead
  • Business Card
  • Envelope



A logo is the most basic tool you have to be identified.

  • A mark
  • Colours
  • Black & White versions
  • Full Lockup with typography
  • Small lockup
  • Usage Guide


Buying something you don't need is an unpleasant experience. Our specialists will help you with the package that suits you the best

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So are we, we are always looking for new brands to help, or new firms to partner with, feel free to email us so we can set up a call, post haste

Dhyresh Mendis - dhyresh@thenescius.com
Duval Weerakoone - duval@thenescius.com

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