Original, through and through

Urban.lk is a Sri Lankan e-commerce platform for premium goods.

Urban.lk is a  Sri Lankan e-commerce platform for premium goods. Their policies of one-to-one replacement, efficient delivery and superb aftercare gave the business a unique personality rooted in empathy and genuinely caring about their customers. The problem was that this was not reflected in the visual identity.

The logo needed to communicate premium and dependable so we went for a monogram with type, representative but not restrained by vintage logo designs.

Instead of redoing a complete visual identity, we looked at the instances where they receive the most engagement - whether it was offline or online and decided to build an experience around those instances.

One thing that all customers of Urban.lk had in common was that they were indeed, customers of Urban.lk. The packaging they receive their orders in was a touchpoint that they were sure to interact with and as such, we developed an endearing message, humanizing the box, adding a little humour and giving customers a reason to build an emotional bond with the brand.

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